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Whether you are a cat person or a dog person, you will surely want to make your upcoming trip like a walk in the park with your fur-baby. But if you are traveling in the JetBlue Airline, then you will need to understand the strict rules & regulations along with other limitations before boarding your flight. However, as per the JetBlue Airlines pet policy, your loving pet will be provided with a comfortable yet safer experience throughout the trip. If you are planning to take the flight of JetBlue Airlines, then it is more than crucial to become familiar with the policy and rules beforehand. So, keep on reading as we have covered almost all aspects for you.

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JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy for Animals

There are airlines in which you can transport different pets, but when you are traveling in JetBlue, you will only be allowed to carry cats and dogs. In addition to this, you can only take one pet – it means one passenger will be allowed only one pet. In simple terms, if you are moving with multiple pets, then you will require someone so that they can accompany your loving furry friend.

However, there is one thing or better say, a benefit that you will not get with any other airline is that you can ask your minor to accompany your pet. When it comes to the fee as per the JetBlue Airlines pet travel policy, it is fixed at US$125, irrespective of the destination chosen.

JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy Cargo Weight Limit

While traveling, you must know the weight limit given in the airline’s pet policy of JetBlue to avoid unnecessary hassles. According to the rules, you can only carry your pet in the cabin and the combined weight of your pet and the carrier should not exceed 20lbs.

In addition to this, your pet will stay in the carrier only through the journey which will be put under the seat in front of you. Please note that as per the JetBlue Airlines pet policy, your pet and his carrier will be counted as separate carry-on baggage. So, keep this point in mind while packing your bags.

Important Documentations for Traveling with Pet

While flying, you will need to submit certain documents. So check out the following that you will need to bring with you when traveling with your pet:

  • ESA Letters (Optional from 11th January 2021): Even though it is not mandatory these days, you will still need to bring this letter if you are travelling with an “emotional support animal”. This letter should be signed and acknowledged by a certified mental health professional or physician.
  • Form of Animal Air Transportation (only for service animals): If you have a scheduled travel in JetBlue Airlines with a service animal, then it is mandatory to submit the Animal Air Transportation form in the Department of Transportation within 48 hours. But if you are traveling with an emotional support pet or animal, then it is not essential.
  • Destination-specific Form: Whether you are traveling internationally or within the country, every place has some specific requirements. Hence, it is important for you to check the other documents and related details particularly if you are traveling to Puerto Rick or Hawaii.
  • Vet Health Forms: For international travelers, a fully filled vet health form is necessary. You will need to submit this form to show that your pet is fit and up-to-date on all their vaccinations. As per the latest JetBlue Airlines pet travel policy, it is a mandatory document.

Relocate Your Pet with JetBlue Airlines

Here are some important points that you must know before relocating with your loving pet. So, just take a look:

  • Proper documentation and vaccination-related records of your feline friend. Since every country and every state has different prerequisites, so make sure you know what exactly you need
  • Veterinary certificates and other important tags of your pet will be required
  • Choose the carrier for your pet carefully. It should have enough space so that your pet can easily and freely move in and stand up in it
  • The carrier chosen by you should be well ventilated and leak-proof
  • You can only carry one pet in one carrier
  • Soft as well as hard-sided carriers, both are allowed

JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy and Special Guidelines

The airline has specified some guidelines in its policy. So, here are those important points that every traveler should know about:

  • You will need to pay US$125 for every carrier per trip
  • You can only travel with up to 4 pets per flight
  • Only 3 spots for your pets can be booked in advance
  • The carrier and your pet will be counted as individual personal items. So, it should easily be fit under the seat available in front of you
  • The combined weight should not be more than 20lbs
  • If you have chosen the Blue Basic fare for your next trip (scheduled on or after 20th July 2021), you will not be allowed carry-on. You can only have one persona item along with the carrier and pet
  • Pets are not allowed if there is any partnership airline included
  • If you are a member of TrueBlue, then you will earn additional 300 points while flying with your pet(s)

Policy for Airport Arrival  

Once you are done with the pet fee payment, the airline will provide you with the SSR code for the animal. When you get it, you will be allowed to check in up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. After reaching the airport on the travel day, you will need to do the following:

  • Stop at the “Service Counter” to receive the “JetPaws” bag tag. It should be attached to the carrier of your pet. This tag is the indication for the flight crew that your pet is ready to onboard and fly
  • You will need to take out your pet from the carrier at the TSA checkpoint. The carrier will be put for the x-ray without your pet
  • Always remember that as per the JetBlue Airlines pet policy, your pet and carrier will be counted as a separate personal item
  • You will need to keep your pet in the carrier at the airport and in the flight
  • For pet stroller, it must be gate-checked at no extra cost

Rules to be Followed during the Trip

When you are on the flight, you will require following the rules listed below:

  • Do not sit in the emergency exit row, bulkhead sit, or at the restricted storage capacity area while traveling with a pet
  • The airline generally suggests the window seat or aisle to travel if you want to provide more comfort to your pet
  • Never let your pet leave the carrier

Checklist for Pet Travel as per the Policy

To make your trip with your loving pet more enjoyable and memorable, you will be required to bring the following as per the JetBlue Airlines pets’ policy:

  • Vaccination records and other necessary documentation
  • Pet license
  • ID tags
  • Chews and treats for your pet
  • FAA-approved pet carrier
  • Favorite toy of your pet
  • Pet supplies
  • Pre-flight training or workout to help your pet adapt the new surroundings quickly and easily
Final Thoughts

So, this is some important information about JetBlue Airlines pet travel policy. If you want to learn more about the same or have difficulties in understanding any point, you can connect with our dedicated professionals. Our executives are adept and well-informed hence, they can help you with all your queries related to JetBlue Airlines pet policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions about JetBlue Airlines pet policy and related aspects have been answered here. Take a look:

The carrier you have chosen should not exceed the dimensions of 17inches x 12.5inches x 8.5inches. It must fit easily underneath the seat.

No pets are allowed or permitted in Mint.

If you are traveling to or from London and to Trinidad & Tobago, then you will not be allowed to travel with your pet, irrespective of the fare type chosen.

In general, you will be provided with the pet relief area at the airport but not all countries have it. Therefore, it is important for you to check with your departure and arrival airports about the same.

Yes, you can purchase an additional seat and keep the carrier of the pet on it throughout your trip. For more details about the same, you can connect with the JetBlue aviation executive or browse through the official website for further assistance. 

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