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Traveling with bags is not less than a hassle. So, it is important to have baggage-related details to avoid unnecessary issues later. If you are traveling on JetBlue Airlines, then we are here with this post wherein you will get to learn about the JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy.  So, keep on reading to find out more about the checked bags, carry-on bags, musical instruments, sports gear & equipment, oversized luggage, and so on.

JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy for Carry-on Bags

The airline has recently changed its carry-on baggage policy. So, read the following with utmost care to learn more about the latest policy:

  • Now, you can travel with one personal item like laptop bag, daypack, purse, approved carrier of pet, etc. with the dimensions of 17inches x 13 inches x 8 inches, irrespective of the fare chosen. However, the item should fit under the seat available in front of you.
  • Furthermore, with all “Blue” fares – Blue, Mint, Blue Extra, Blue Plus, every passenger will be allowed to carry one bag with a dimension of 22inches x 14inches x 9 inches. It should be of the size that can easily fit in the “overhead” bin.
  • Please note, you are not allowed any carry-on bag with Blue Basic if you have booked your tickets on or after 25th February 2021 and 20th July 2021. If you directly bring a carry-on bag to the airport gate, then you will require checking it and pay the fee of US$65 or US$180.

However, this JetBlue Airlines carry-on baggage policy has some exceptions. And these include the following:

  • If you are a Mosaic member, then you will be provided with the benefit of a carry-on bag as well as early boarding irrespective of the fare type chosen
  • If you are traveling to or from London (connecting flights are also included)
  • Travelers having the combination of Blue Basic fare and Even More Space
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Active military member in the US army

Kindly note, these above-listed exceptions are only for those who have a Blue Basic fare along with Even More Space seats. In case you have added an approved pet carrier with your Blue Basic fare, you will be allowed to carry it along with a personal item.

JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy for Checked Bags

The airline provides you with the facility to check your bags to the destination only. As per this policy, you will be allowed to add up to two check bags at any time – right from flight ticket booking till the time you reach the airport. Even though checked bags are included in some fares, you can save some money by buying the same in advance from the official office or mobile app of JetBlue.

But before you pack your bags, you must ensure that the checked bags are as per the given dimensions and weight. The checked bags should not be exceeding 50 pounds and the overall dimensions must be 157.48 cm. If you are traveling internationally, then the JetBlue Airlines international baggage policy will be different. Connect with the airline for more details.

Oversized or Overweight Bags and Related Policy

If your bags are not according to the dimensions and the weight limit is given, then they will be considered oversized and overweight. In this case, you will require paying a certain amount as the fee. Check out the following to know more about the same:

  • Overall dimensions between 160cm and 203.3cm (including handles and wheels): US$150 per bag (£120 from/to London)
  • Weight between 23.13kg and 44.19kg: US$150 per bag (£120 from/to London)

If you want to travel with more than two bags, then you can easily add those additional items to the booking up to 24 hours online before the scheduled departure of your flight or directly at the airport. Please note down that fishing rod, golf bag, skis, snowboards, and/or skimboard are counted as one individual checked bag. Since these items are subject to checked bags fee. They can also be considered oversized bags if they surpass the given limits. Now, check out the following for more details:

Within the USA, Caribbean, and Latin America
Fare TypeFee for Bag-1Fee for Bag-2
Blue BasicUS$35US$45
Blue PlusIncluded with fareUS$45
Blue ExtraUS$35US$45
MintIncluded but up to 70lbsIncluded but up to 70lbs
Mosaic1Included with fareIncluded with fare
JetBlue Plus Cardmember2Included with fareUS$45
Between the USA and the UK
Fare TypeFee for Bag-1Fee for Bag-2
Blue BasicUS$65/£55US$105/£85
BlueIncluded with fareUS$105/£85
Blue PlusIncluded with fareUS$105/£85
Blue ExtraIncluded with fareUS$105/£85
MintIncluded with fareIncluded with fare
Mosaic1Included with fareIncluded with fare
JetBlue Plus Cardmember2Included with fareUS$105/£85

Policy for Musical Instruments, Sports Gear, and Media bags

The airline has a different policy for musical instruments, sports gear, and media bags like camera equipment along with other items. As mentioned earlier, these items are considered individual items so, you are suggested to connect with the airline to know whether your specific item is covered or not. And if it is covered, then what is the application fee.

Policy for Check-in Times

While checking bags, it is always a good idea to have sufficient time so that you can cope up with any sort of issue. However, you should know that the checked bags will not be accepted 6 or more hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. Look at the following to know the JetBlue Airlines baggage policy for check-in time:

  • Domestic Flights: All bags should be checked at least 40 minutes before the scheduled departure at the airport
  • International Flights: Every bag should be checked at least 60 minutes/1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight at the airport

Airline Baggage Policy of JetBlue for Assistive Devices

Are you traveling with a wheelchair, crutches, stroller, or any other assistive device? Yes? Do not worry! It is because these items will be counted towards your checked bag or carry-on bag limit. However, these items will be subjected to weight and size restrictions. Even though most assistive devices easily fit in your overhead bin, if not, you can gate-check the same.

JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy for Group Travelers

If you are traveling with a group, then each member will be allowed to board with one personal item like small backpack, small camera, laptop computer case, briefcase, purse, etc. However, the item should easily fit under the seat. However, you should review the following Airline baggage policy of JetBlue at least once to avoid unnecessary hassles during the travel day:

  • Passengers are allowed 1 carry-on personal item having the dimensions of 22 x 14 x 9 inches
  • Passengers are also allowed one checked-in bag but it should weigh only 50 pounds
  • If you are having more than one bag, then you will need to pay the fee of US$45 for the second bag and US$150 for the third bag at the airport
  • You will also require paying the fee for the FREE bags if they don’t fit under the given weight and size dimensions

Now, look at the following points if the contract date is on or after 17th March 2021:

  • No carry-on bag is allowed. In case you bring any carry-on bag, you will need to pay the fee after checking it
  • Passengers are allowed 2 checked bags with overall dimensions of 157.48cm and it should not weigh more than 50 pounds
  • A fee will incur if your bags do not meet the restrictions given for the dimensions and weight
  • You will need to pay an amount of US$150 for the 3rd checked bag

For larger groups, not all bags fit in your overhead bin, so they should be checked at the airport gate. Additionally, every bag is subject to weight and size restrictions. Lastly, the rules related to extra baggage and dimensions may also vary, depending on the country’s restrictions and load availability.

Location-Wise JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy

Every country has different baggage restrictions and fees. So, look at the following details to learn more about the same country-based JetBlue Airlines baggage policy:

For Ecuador, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, and Peru

  • You can check two bags
  • Each bag should not be more than 157.48 cm in overall dimensions
  • The weight of the bags should not exceed 70 pounds
  • For overweight or oversized bags, you will need to pay the applicable fee

For Cuba

  • From January 2021 onwards, you can check 2 bags (one item may be a plastic bin, box, or TO Cuba)
  • The weight limit for every checked bag should be 50 pounds and have 62 inches of overall dimensions
  • For overweight and oversized items, you will need to pay a fee of US$150
  • Boxes that you are carrying should be factory sealed
  • You can connect with the airline to check details related to surfboards and bikes

Airline Baggage Policy of JetBlue for Delayed, Damaged, or Lost Bags

If your luggage has been damaged or delayed, then you will have a chance to file a report when you are at the airport. You can connect with the baggage service team to know more about the status of the complaint registered regarding the delayed, damaged, or lost bags. Besides, you can connect with us to learn more about the JetBlue Airlines baggage policy to Indonesia or any other country along with the applicable fee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy

Some of the frequently asked questions about JetBlue Airlines baggage policy and related aspects have been answered here. Take a look:

Yes, it is a refundable fee that is credited to your account in the original form of the payment. However, it is only for those who choose to cancel their booking before the scheduled departure. If you cancel your booking after departure, you will not be provided with any refund.

Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Plus fare options along with JetBlue Business, JetBlue Plus cardmembers, and Mosaic members will get the FREE checked bags. However, the number of bags will vary from one option to another. So, connect with the airline to know more.

Yes, you can travel but you will have to add the “pet space” to your booking. Since Blue Basic does not provide you with free carry-on bags, your pet along with his carrier will be counted as an individual personal item. for more details read here JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy.

Please note that these items will only be accepted as carry-on and checked items in domestic cities and certain parts of Cuba. If you are planning to travel with plastic bins and boxes internationally, then it is good to drop this idea because these items are neither considered carry-on nor checked bags. For detailed information, connect with the airline today.

Yes, you will need to show a valid government-approved ID while checking for some other person. However, there are certain rules regarding the same as per the JetBlue Airlines baggage policy – you can only do it if you are also going to take the same flight or traveling with the person whose bag is checked by you.

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