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What is JetBlue Airline Code?

Every airline is assigned an IATA code. The IATA-created codes are used by airlines to interact with passengers. Airlines like JetBlue are also given ICAO codes. ICAO codes are more often used by people working in the sector. You can also find three-digit airline codes for JetBlue and other such air operators. The three-digit code works as the ticket/account code. JetBlue Airline codes for IATA, ICAO, etc., should be learned for the knowledge of travelers. On this page, these codes and their relevance have been discussed.

JetBlue Airlines IATA Code and ICAO Code

In the case of JetBlue Airline code, the IATA code is B6. The International Air Transport Association or IATA assigns these two-character designations to airlines. Usually, the initials of airlines can be used for forming their IATA codes. However, JetBlue did not get JB as its IATA code. The main reason for this has been that JB is already associated with another airline. 

However, there is no particular method or process for allocating airline codes. Most of the time, they are simply picked by the airlines. The only requirement is that they should be unique.

The ICAO code issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for JetBlue Airways is JBU. In addition, JetBlue Airways’ airline code is 279.

Why Does JetBlue Airline Have Code B6?

Usually, the IATA code for an airline is a combination of its initial letters. However, when JetBlue was to be given an IATA code, it was found that JB was the code of another airline. Therefore, for the IATA Airline carrier code JetBlue, B6 was considered unique.

What is JetBlue Airline Code 279?

Similar to ICAO and IATA codes, all the airlines have one airline code. This code works as a ticketing and accounting code. JetBlue Airways’ airline code 279 is helpful when there is any correction to be made in the name or even the rescheduling/reissuing of tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to JetBlue Airline Code

Offers based on promo codes of JetBlue are available at the time of booking and may be applied to prior or current reservations. To redeem your JetBlue Airlines promo code, please follow the instructions below:

  1. You can only redeem promo codes online. So, get internet access.
  2. Go to the official website of JetBlue Airlines, “”.
  3. Search for flights within the trip dates specified in “Terms & Conditions”.

Note: Please keep in mind that when booking a roundtrip, both the departure and return flights must fall within the eligible travel periods. If just one segment falls within the eligible travel dates, then you must make two separate bookings. Only then you can take advantage of the promo code of JetBlue.

  1. Accurately enter the code as it gets displayed in the promo area (case sensitive and all uppercase).
  2. Choose flights to see the discounts.
  3. Once chosen, the discount amount will be reflected in the itinerary and subtotal on the right side of the “Flights” page.

Promo coupons are only available for a limited period and must be redeemed by a particular date. For precise “Book by” dates, you may check “Terms & Conditions”.

JetBlue Airlines IATA code can be seen on your e-ticket beside the full name of the airport. For JetBlue, B6279 is its IATA code.

JetBlue Airline code number is assigned to the airline rather than to its flights. Therefore, all of that airline’s fleets will begin with the same airline code.

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