JetBlue Airways Flight 534

Flight 534 of JetBlue is commonly known as B6534. JetBlue Airways Flight 534 is sometimes known as JBU534 as well. This is because the ICAO code for JetBlue is JBU. It is usually on the route from San Francisco International Airport or SFO Airport to Logan International Airport/BOS Airport. 

B6534: Stall Time and Accessibility

JetBlue Flights 534 can be expected 4 to 5 times each week. JBU534 is usually accessible on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The flight from Boston to San Jose might be delayed by a few minutes. Unexpected weather or air traffic may cause delays in its departure or arrival. However, there have only been a few occasions on which the flight was delayed by more than 50 to 70 minutes.

If flight B6534 is delayed, then please contact JetBlue Airways Corporate Offices in San Francisco and JetBlue Airways Office in Boston.

JetBlue Airways 534 In-Flight Services

JetBlue has been well known for offering high-quality services at a low cost. The airline’s employees are helpful in providing assistance during the journey. Given that JetBlue Airways Flight 534 is operated on an A320, the seats are rather comfortable. As A320s are bigger aircraft, there is much more legroom for the flyers. Travelers may watch their favorite shows on free live TV on B6534. The flight menu is also appealing, with tastes that will attract everyone.

Flight 534 of JetBlue Airways: Departing & Arriving Terminals

The commercial flight B6534 flying from San Francisco to Boston takes off from Terminal 1 of San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The flight enters Terminal C of BOS or Logon International Airport.

San Francisco International AirportLogan International Airport
Terminal 1Terminal C

JetBlue Airways Flight 534 Aircraft

JBU534 is often flown by Airbus 320. However, during the coronavirus outbreak, just a few flights from San Francisco to Boston were conducted. The low frequency has been due to the limited passenger number. Various planes, including A321, A318, and A319, were available for this trip.


  1. JetBlue Airways Flight 534 is my personal favorite. It is usually on schedule and is a low-cost direct trip between San Francisco and Boston. I booked a last-minute reservation for this trip past Monday. I was concerned about how it would be handled. But JetBlue was so nice as it gave me an email with a list of all the needed documents. Not only that Flight 534 provided outstanding in-flight services, as discussed on this website as well.
  1. Prior to the corona incident, I was a frequent passenger on JetBlue Airways Flight 534. There are relatively few San Francisco flights throughout the pandemic. 534 is still operational, although at a low frequency. Given that this is only a five-hour flight, JetBlue’s plane is preferable. JetBlue used to offer daily flights to San Francisco on a variety of aircraft, all of which were beautiful and spacious. I enjoy traveling with them and hope that their consistency will be restored soon.

I don’t take the trip from San Francisco to Boston too much anymore. I am aged now. However, I was a regular traveler on JetBlue Airways Flight 534. I never had any delays while traveling with it. My experience was excellent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to JetBlue Airways Flight 534

Yes, JetBlue Airways Flight 534, on most days, departs at a certain time. It usually departs from Orlando at 2.00 p.m. and arrives in Boston at 7.43 p.m. The time may change by a few minutes only. The cause might range from poor weather to cargo or air traffic delays.

No, a connecting passenger service may not be available along the route of JetBlue’s 534 flight. That is why getting on the flight in the middle of its route may not be currently possible. This is also due to the fact that JetBlue Flight 534 is a non-stop flight.

No, you may not find a long halt for JetBlue Flight 534. It is frequently seen flying non-stop. In addition, the trip may be scheduled for two or more loops in a single day at times. If there are many flights, then there is a chance that there will be delays between them.

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