JetBlue Airways Flight 334

JetBlue Airways Flight 334

The Flight 334 of JetBlue Airways is a 5-hour and 20-minute long domestic route. It can be addressed as JBU334 as well. Sometimes, B6334 is used to refer to this flight. JetBlue Airways Flight 334 takes off to the skies from San Francisco International Airport. This airport is in San Francisco City, United States. The final destination for B6334 is Logan International Airport (BOS), Boston, United States

Mandatory Check-list for B6334 Passengers

During the COVID-19 time, there are numerous instructions shared for JetBlue Flight 334 and other routes. Abiding by the checklist mentioned below is mandatory for safe and hassle-free traveling.

  • Check eligibility before entering your destination along with your return place requirements.
  • Complete all your prior travel requirements including: 
  • COVID-19 test
  • Entry form 
  • Set of documents required to board the flight

Note: If you have any doubts regarding the requirements to board your flight, then you can call on the customer care helpline or visit these offices:

  • JetBlue Airways Office in San Francisco city
  • JetBlue Airways Corporate Office in Boston
  • Make touch-free check-in through the mobile app of JetBlue. Then you can get your luggage tags and boarding pass.

B6334: Availability and Time Lag

JetBlue Airways Flight 334 can be speculated 6 to 7 times on a weekly basis. The route from San Francisco to Boston might be delayed by 10 minutes or 15 minutes sometimes. Unforeseen weather, as well as air traffic, may cause delays. There are only a few instances in the past wherein the flight has been delayed for more than an hour.

JBU334 Departure and Arrival Terminals

JetBlue Flight 334 primarily flies through Terminal 1 of San Francisco International Airport and Gate B6. Most often, it arrives at Logan International Airport’s Gate C16 within Terminal C.

JetBlue Airways Flight 334’s Performance History

JBU334 has a good track record as of now. It has been on time in numerous instances. Rare delays have been observed, although they were only 3 to 5 minutes long. Only 1% of all the flights the airline has operated have been delayed thus far, with the remaining 99% arriving on time or ahead of schedule.


  1. Last week, I took JetBlue Airways Flight 334 with my 7-month-old daughter. Because of the pandemic, I was initially hesitant to travel. Fortunately, JetBlue followed strict regulations as outlined on this page. Aside from that, I saw that JetBlue made certain that flight 334’s plane was properly sanitized. While boarding and deboarding the aeroplane, proper social distance was maintained. My flight was smooth. Thank you very much, JetBlue!
  1. As stated above, the trip from San Francisco to Boston takes around 5 hours. For this journey, JetBlue Airways Flight 334 is an excellent choice. The reason for this is because it is a direct flight that is also fairly priced. Furthermore, JetBlue’s service on this route is outstanding. Despite the fact that my Wi-Fi was not functional, my flight was quite pleasant. There was live TV and great cuisines. I had a good time on my long flight.

I’ve been taking JetBlue Airways Flight 334 for a long time. Once, I decided to take my grandma on this flight from San Francisco to Boston. The entire trip was pleasant and I was delighted as usual with JetBlue. However, my grandmother cannot walk. So, we requested a wheelchair as soon as we stepped out of the plane. JetBlue made us wait for 25 minutes for that. I have always been very happy with their service despite this incident.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to JetBlue Airways Flight 334

Yes, the staff of JetBlue Flight 334 makes certain that appropriate sanitization happens after and before all voyages. Every member of the crew, from cabin crew to plane operators, are wearing masks. Also, every traveller on JetBlue Airways Flight 334 gets a sanitiser as well as a mask.

JetBlue flights may be tracked using an airline tracker. You may also see the timetable for its 334 Flight online. These trackers not only provide information about the jet’s location but also show whether the plane is experiencing any delay.

Yes, B6334 works on a regular and consistent basis. It is common to have two or even more flights in a single day to be repeated. It is possible that there will be delays if there are a lot of flights. The flight, however, remains non-stop in most instances.

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