JetBlue Airways Flight 292

JetBlue Airways Flight 292

JetBlue Flight 292 travels across the United States on a number of routes. A majority of the time, it departs from Tampa, Florida, bound for Boston, Massachusetts. JetBlue Airways Flight 292’s other known route is from Burbank in California to New York City. This flight is identified by its other names B6292 and JBU292. In favorable weather conditions, the flight follows a direct and domestic route.

JBU292 Availability

With 5 to 6 flights every week, JBU292 used to be featured with good availability. However, in the past year, the frequency of the flight of JetBlue Airlines considerably reduced. The COVID-19 outbreak has been the chief reason for this. Also, due to low passenger traffic, fewer fleets are being operated on its route.

Flight 292 of JetBlue Airways: Distance and Time

JBU292 covers around 1906 kilometers or approximately 1184 miles. The flight time for JetBlue Airways Flight 292 is expected to be 2 hours and 50 minutes. This is the approximate time it takes to fly non-stop from Tampa to Boston. The flight’s timing may change due to a variety of factors, especially cloud cover and meteorological conditions. A possible non-stop aircraft might be the source of the time difference.

JBU292’s Elevation and Cruising Speed

On its journey, JBU292 can fly at an altitude of around 11,280 meters. The aircraft’s speed can range between 515 and 520 miles per hour. Its elevation and speed of cruising can vary in exceptional circumstances. The circumstances can involve bad weather and air traffic.

JetBlue Airways Flight 292 Aircraft

A320 is the aircraft by which JetBlue 292 Flight is flown. Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, few flights were observed from Tampa to Boston. Such a frequency response has been due to the limited passenger load. More planes, including A321, A318, and A319, have been options for this flight’s route.

B6292 Emergency Landing

On 21st September in 2005, JetBlue Flight 292 made an emergency touchdown at LA International Airport or LAX Airport. The flight took off from Bob Hope Airport (BUR) located in Burbank in California. The flight aimed to arrive at John F. Kennedy International Airport, also known as JFK Airport, in New York City. It made an emergency landing on an Airbus A320-232 which was carrying 140 passengers along with six crew members.

The captain in command noticed that he could not deploy the nose wheel of JetBlue Airways Flight 292 after taking off from Burbank. After that, the captain took a diversion towards an airport in Los Angeles – LGB Airport. Here, a JetBlue major operation hub can also be found. With this diversion, the captain wanted to enable authorities around the airport’s Terminal Operation Centre to witness the damage as well as the landing gear. It was observed that perhaps the nosewheel was twisted at 90-degree courses towards the left and opposite to the axis of either the propeller.

Not landing at the scheduled airport in LA, the senior instructor decided to make an emergency landing at LA International Airport/LAX Airport. The airport has been equipped with a long and broad landing area with advanced safety gear.

In as little as seven minutes after the landing, travelers of JBU292 commenced exiting. There was not even a single recorded casualty, mainly resulting from the emergency arrival. The airplane had been abandoned by taking an airport staircase truck. Instead of the normal exit, ramps were utilized in such a circumstance.


1. Flight 292 is a great two-hours and fifty-minute flight. The wonderful thing is that it is typically non-stop. I’m not certain why airlines place a halt for a three-hour journey. I’ll always prefer taking a non-stop trip of that duration. Another benefit to select this JetBlue Airways Flight 292 is that it departs from Terminal 1. This terminal features a number of lounge facilities.
2. JetBlue is and has been my favorite airline, particularly for its 292 flight. The main reason is that it provides good service at an affordable price. I will choose to onboard JetBlue Airways Flight 292 for this route. This route links Tampa to Boston. As rightly said here, the frequency of this flight is rather good. I’ve observed that there are multiple schedules for this route which is fantastic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to JetBlue Airways Flight 292

JetBlue Flight 292departs from Tampa at 21:05 p.m. and arrives in Boston at 00:10 a.m. The time might differ in some circumstances. In rare cases, the flight may reach 10 minutes early.

Yes, JetBlue goes the extra mile to ensure that the entire plane is disinfected. Thus every traveler of its flights like 292 receives the essential things to stay safe from coronavirus. The airplane is kept sanitized. Appropriate social distancing is also done on JetBlue Airways Flight 292.

For checking the status of B6292, the best option is to reach the airport of JetBlue. Its help desk or any representative can help you know the flight status.

Yes, Flight 292 of JetBlue Airways flies with no halts in between its journey. In addition, the trip may be scheduled for two or more rotations in a single day sometimes.

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