JetBlue Airways Flight 263

JetBlue Airways Flight 263

JetBlue Airways Flight 263 is a domestic flight. It can take passengers from New York to Emerald City – Seattle, in Washington in the USA. Flight 263 is popularly identified as B6263 and JBU263.

Exact Departure and Arrival location of B6263

B6263 departs from John F. Kennedy International Airport with its location in New York. To be specific, it departs from Gate Number 17 and Terminal 5 of the airport. JetBlue Flight 263 arrives at Gate Number B11 at Terminal B of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. 

Time and Distance Covered by JBU263

Domestic flight 263 by JetBlue typically takes 6 hours and 20 minutes to arrive at its destination. The average distance between New York and Seattle is 3895 kilometers or 2421 miles.

A non-direct flight will have a different time and distance traveled. Time taken by JetBlue Airways Flight 263 may also vary when there are last-minute delays.

JetBlue 263 Flight Availability 

JetBlue Flight 263 is accessible every day. It takes off from New York at 17:00 p.m. and arrives in Seattle at 20:18 p.m. Although B6263’s timetable is the same every day, there may be more than one round of the same route available.

B6263 Delay Time

Flight 263 of JetBlue Airways has a 15-minute average delay period. However, around 3% of JetBlue Airways Flight 263 may get delayed.

The reasons behind the delay can include:

  • Rainy and windy weather
  • Strike by birds
  • Political turmoil
  • Natural disasters
  • Air traffic
  • Connecting flights and passengers

In the unlikely event of a delay, JetBlue Airways Flight 263 passengers can reach the following offices for help:


1. I have travelled from Flight 263 so many times before. The in-flight facility is good. The flight has never been delayed, at least in my case. In fact, the last time I took this flight, I landed 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. JetBlue Airways Flight 263 is the best direct flight from New York to Seattle. On top of this, it is reasonably priced too.

2. JetBlue Airways Flight 263 is an inexpensive alternative for me. This flight, as shown on the page, lasts around an hour and a half. Since time is short, few airlines provide high-intensity flights. It has always been on the go. It’s been such a better option for me than any other way of travel. My place of employment was in Seattle, while my family was in New York. I used to fly thrice a week and only reserved flight 263. 
3. Some months ago, I booked a flight with JetBlue. I had a meeting in Seattle, so I reserved JetBlue Airways Flight 263 for it. This was my first trip with JetBlue, and I was pretty satisfied with the services provided. The flight was on time. The plane had been thoroughly cleaned. I really like the food on Flight 263. I will most certainly travel with JetBlue again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to JetBlue Flight 263

JetBlue Flight 263 is properly sanitized after and before each traveling. This flight is operated by an A320 which is a fine-size aircraft. Adequate social distance can be maintained on it. Every passenger on Flight 263 receives a face shield, mask, and hand sanitizer too.

Yes, B6263is available on a routine basis. It flies from New York to Seattle on all days of the week. The timing is mostly the same for each day. There could be a few-minutes delay in case of bad weather. Otherwise, B6263 is on time.

Yes, JetBlue customers may follow their flights using a tracking feature provided on the company’s website. Likewise, you can track JetBlue Airways Flight 263 while you are still in New York and waiting to board the flight. 

JBU263 departs from New York at 17:00 p.m. and arrives in Seattle at 20:18 p.m. The timeframe may differ by 10 minutes on certain days. 

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