JetBlue Airways Flight 2417

JetBlue Airways Flight 2417

JetBlue Airways Flight 2417 often flies from Orlando International Airport towards Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Flight 2417 flies on a JetBlue direct domestic route. Also, this flight operates on a daily basis.

B62417: Outbound and Landing Terminals

Flight 2417, also called B62417, departs from Terminal A and Gate 23 of Orlando International Airport or MCO Airport. It enters Barbara Jordan Terminal of AUS or Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, situated in Austin, United States.

Time Scale for JBU2417

As per the schedule of JetBlue Airways Flight 2417, it takes around 2 hours and 42 minutes. Keeping various conditions and elements in mind, the timing/schedule might vary. A direct flight from Orlando International Airport to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport takes 3 hours.

JetBlue Flight 2417: Distance Covered

In order to reach Austin from Orlando, Flight 2417 of JetBlue needs to travel a distance of 1600 km or 994 miles. This distance might vary for go-round trips or diverted flights when weather conditions are not favorable.

In-Flight Amenities of JetBlue Airways Flight 2417

Assuming that B62417 is mostly serviced by an A320, the seats are extremely comfortable. Since A320s are bigger planes, there is greater legroom. In B62417, you may watch free live TV as well as your favorite TV shows. The flight menu is interesting with various cuisines available.

JetBlue is well-known for delivering exceptional services at a fair rate. The in-flight crew is kind, friendly, and professional. For help with any facility on the flight, the crew can be contacted.

Frequency and Wait Time of JetBlue Flight 2417

Approximately ten JetBlue Flights 2417 are possible each week. To give you an idea, the flights from Orlando to Austin might be delayed by only half an hour. Unforeseen weather or air traffic may cause delays. Very few times, B62417 has been delayed for more than an hour.

However, if your flight is delayed, then please get in touch with us. You can also get in touch with the JetBlue Airways Corporate Office in Orlando and JetBlue Airways Office in Austin.


1. Last week I was on JetBlue Airways Flight 2417. The flight landed at Barbara Jordan Terminal in Austin like you said. The terminal is very compact and there was no connectivity between the two terminals. This can be improved. Besides that, the flight was good and there was no delay. I have been traveling with JetBlue for so long and it has never disappointed me in major ways.

2. I wanted to arrange a flight from Austin to Orlando for my grandparents. While browsing the web, I came upon this page. I discovered the exact duration as well as the terminals from which 2417 departs and arrives. JetBlue Airways Flight 2417 was an uninterrupted trip I was looking for. My grandparents told me that everything was progressing as planned. The flight was 2 hours and nearly 50 minutes long.

3. 2 months ago, I boarded 2417. I was really pleased with the services. The plane landed in Orlando 15 minutes earlier. As you’ve stated here, JetBlue Airways Flight 2417 departed from Orlando’s Terminal A and landed in Austin’s Barbara Jordan Terminal. I was lucky to have discovered this knowledge ahead of time. As a result, I booked a cab for myself as soon as it took off from Orlando.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to JetBlue Airways Flight 2417

Flights of JetBlue may be traced using airline tracker. For its 2417 Flight, you can check the schedule on the internet as well. These trackers not only provide information about the aeroplane’s location but also indicate whether or not it is on-time.

Yes, JBU2417 or JetBlue Flight 2417 flies from Orlando at 19:00 p.m. and arrives in Austin at 20:34 p.m. The schedule may differ by 10-15 minutes on certain days. In extraordinary circumstances, the aircraft may be 40-45 minutes early/late.

Certainly, B62417regularly operates and that too non-stop. At times, it may be repeated for two or more flights in a single day. When there are many flights, it is likely that there may be delays between them. However, the flight remains direct.

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