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JetBlue Airways Flight 2235

JetBlue Airways Flight 2235 flies on a domestic route. Its departure is from Logan International Airport (BOS), United States. This flight arrives at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) in the United States. Flight 2235 can also be referred to as JBU2235 and B62235. 

JetBlue Airways Flight 915: Distance and Duration

JetBlue 2235’s Flight time is predicted to be 3 hours and 21 minutes. This is the approximate duration of a non-stop flight. The flight travels a distance of around 1806.87 kilometers or 1122.74 miles. The flight’s timeframe may vary depending on a variety of circumstances, including weather. A probable non-stop flight might possibly be the cause of time variation.

JetBlue Airways Flight 2235 Frequencies and Expected Delays

JetBlue Flight B62235 is operated to connect Boston and Minneapolis (MSP) on a routine basis. The airline has about 5 to 6 flights each week. The average time for a delay is 5 minutes. However, a short number of JetBlue Airways Flights 2235 gets delayed. 98 percent of flights 2235 arrive on time.

You may visit the JetBlue Airways Corporate Office in Boston or JetBlue Airways Corporate Office in Minneapolis. All the delay-related questions can be answered at the airline’s headquarters.

JetBlue Airways Flight 2235 Departing and Arriving Concourses

JetBlue Flight B62235 from Boston to Minneapolis leaves from Logan International Airport’s Terminal C. The flight arrives at Terminal 1 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

JetBlue Airways Flight 2235 and Operating Aircraft

The JetBlue Airways Flight 2235 can be operated on Embraer 190 aircraft. During the pandemic, however, few flights were conducted on this route. As a result, additional aircrafts such as the A321, A320, A318, and A319 were available for this flight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to JetBlue Flight 2235

Yes, JetBlue Flight 2235 is often found non-stop. Sometimes, JetBlue Airways Flight 2235 may be scheduled for two or even more rounds in a day.

Yes, JetBlue Airways Flight 2235 leaves Boston at 1:00 p.m. and lands in Minneapolis at 15:16 p.m. The time may vary by 10-15 minutes. In exceptional circumstances, the flight may be 10-20 minutes early or late.

JetBlue Airways Flight 2235 may be tracked using a variety of tools. Trackers and apps assist in determining the flight’s present location. They can also inform you if Flight 2235 is going to be late or as per the schedule.

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  • Michael says:

    I understand that the route from Boston to Minneapolis is not commonly traveled or popular. But, prior to the coronavirus situation, I used to take JetBlue Airways Flight 2235 frequently. There are extremely few Minneapolis flights throughout the epidemic. Although 2235 is still present, the frequency is extremely low, as stated on the website. JetBlue’s aircraft for this journey is preferable, considering it is only a three-hour flight.

  • Angel says:

    JetBlue Airways Flight 2235 is a fantastic three-hour or so flight. It is usually a direct flight which is the best part. I do not understand why airlines put a stop to a 3-hour flight. I will always prefer catching a non-stop flight of that short duration. Another reason for choosing this particular flight is it takes off from Terminal C. This terminal has numerous lounge areas and they serve the best food.

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