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JetBlue Airways Flight 2179

JetBlue Airways Flight 2179 is also referred to as JBU2179 or B62179. This flight departing from Logan International Airport Boston, United States, and heading to Newark Liberty International Airport Newark, United States, is usually non-stop. It often takes off from Boston Airport and lands in Newark city at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Schedule and Possible Delay for JetBlue Airways Flight 2179

JetBlue Flight B62179 connects Boston or BOS with Newark or EWR on a regular basis. Every week, the flight flies 6 to 7 journeys. Its typical time latency is 15 minutes. Barely 3% of JetBlue Airways Flight 2179 may be late. 

In the rare case of a delay, the passengers of JetBlue Flight 2179 can contact the following offices:

Time and Distance of JetBlue Airways Flight 2179

The flight time of JetBlue 2179 is anticipated to be 1 hour plus 34 minutes. This is roughly the time required by this non-stop flight. It goes around 323 kilometers or 201 miles. 

The flight’s timetable may change due to a variety of factors. Some of these factors can include:

  • Bad weather
  • Major crisis
  • Political crisis
  • Natural calamities

Concourses of Departure and Arrival for JetBlue Flight 2179

JetBlue Flight B62179 connecting Boston to Newark departs from Terminal C of Logan International Airport (BOS). The jet arrives at EWR/Newark Liberty International Airport’s Terminal A.

Aircraft in Charge of JetBlue Airways Flight 2179

JetBlue Airways Flight 2179 is often flown on Embraer ERJ-190. This twin-jet is also known as E190. During the COVID-19 virus outbreak, unfortunately, only a few flights were made on the BOS-EWR route. As a result, aircraft such as A321, A320, A318, and A319 were available for this route.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to JetBlue Airways Flight 2179

JetBlue Flight 2179 may be tracked by using the airline’s flight tracker. You can also call the airline and get updates regarding this flight.

Yes, JetBlue Airways Flight 2179 departs from Boston at 19:00 p.m. and arrives in Newark at 20:34 p.m. The timing may fluctuate by 10-15 minutes. In rare cases, the flight may be 40-45 minutes early or late.

Yes, JetBlue Flight 2179 frequently flies non-stop. It may be rescheduled for two or more flights in a day at times. When there are numerous flights, it is probable that there may be delays between them.

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  • Michael says:

    I had to pick up some important papers in Newark. I booked my tickets on Sunday and flew out on Tuesday. JetBlue Airways Flight 2179 has been accessible on a daily basis. I immediately proceeded to arrange a flight for Wednesday. There was no delay in my flight; it was on time. In fact, it arrived 5 minutes ahead of schedule. JetBlue’s flight frequency is quite good as I am able to read here too. On top of this, 2179 Flight is reasonably priced too.

  • Angel says:

    This JetBlue Airways Flight 2179 is a very low-cost option for this route. As noted on the page, this flight is just around an hour and a half long. Because the time is short, hardly any airlines provide high-intensity flights. It travels on a regular basis. For me, it has been a better alternative than taking any other mode of transportation. My workplace was in Newark and my family was in Boston. I used to fly once a week and would only book this flight 2179. I like the kind of services JetBlue is providing.

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