JetBlue Airways Flight 2052, Arrival Terminals of JetBlue Airways Flight 2052, Duration of JetBlue Airways Flight 2052, JBU2052 Intensity and Potential Delays

JetBlue Airways Flight 2052

JetBlue Airways Flight 2052 goes from Orlando International Airport (MCO) in Orlando, United States, and lands in Boston at Logan International Airport (BOS) in Boston, United States. Recognized as JBU2052 as well as B62052, the flight is domestic, having no stops in between.

Departure and Arrival Terminals of JetBlue Airways Flight 2052 

The direct flight B62052 flying from Orlando to Boston takes off from Terminal A of Orlando International Airport (MCO). Flight 2052 lands at Terminal C of BOS or Logon International Airport.

Orlando International AirportLogan International Airport
Terminal ATerminal C

JBU2052 Intensity and Potential Delays

Around 6 to 7 JetBlue Airways Flight 2052 can be expected each week. To give an estimate of the delay of the flight connecting Orlando to Boston, a duration of 5-10 minutes can be observed.

The cause of delay can be:

  • Air traffic 
  • Bird-strike. 
  • Unsafe weather

However, there have been very few cases where flight 2052 has been delayed by more than an hour. JetBlue Airways Office in Boston can be contacted when such delays are seen. In addition, JetBlue Airways Corporate Offices based in Orlando can provide assistance to customers when extremely long delays are observed.

Duration of JetBlue Airways Flight 2052 

JetBlue 2052 can take 2 hours and 55 minutes to complete a journey. This is the estimated duration of this non-stop flight. It travels a distance of 1121 miles or 1803 kilometers. The flight schedule of B62052 is prone to change owing to a variety of factors such as air traffic, connecting passengers, and even cargo waiting. 

Aircraft on Which JetBlue Flight 2052 is Operated

JetBlue Airways Flight 2052 is often operated by Airbus 320. During the coronavirus crisis, only a few flights were operated on the Orlando to Boston route. The reason for the low frequency is the small passenger population. Additional planes have been available for this voyage, including the A321, A318, and A319 models.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to JetBlue Airways Flight 2052

Yes, JetBlue Airways Flight 2052 usually departs at a predetermined time. It takes off from Orlando at 9.00 a.m. in the morning and arrives in Boston by 12.00 noon. The time may occasionally shift by a few minutes. The cause might be anything from bad weather to cargo or air traffic delay.

No, a connecting passenger service may not be found on the route of the 2052 flight by JetBlue. This is because JetBlue Flight 2052 is a non-stop flight. 

JetBlue Airways Flight 2052 may be monitored online or offline. The official site of the airline comes with a tracker. To monitor the flight online, you can use this tracker. For offline monitoring, contacting the airline will be suggested.

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