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How to Check JetBlue Airlines Flight Status?

Tracking tickets, flight schedules, and booking status are time-consuming, particularly when you are in a rush. To make this procedure easier, JetBlue lets you verify your PNR status quickly and easily. By verifying the JetBlue Airlines flight status, you can be sure of the time at which you need to be at the airport. This airline enables you to check the status of the flight in multiple ways, irrespective of where you are. One may verify their PNR status while traveling by using the JetBlue app or website. Dialing the airline’s phone number or using its Flight Tracker Tool are also among the available options.

Methods to Check Flight Status of JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue has made it simple to keep a check on your flight status. You can visit the official website of the airline, that is, Here, you can provide your flight’s information to see its status. You can check the flight status of JetBlue Airlines by dialing its number as well. We have also discussed in depth the method for running the JetBlue mobile application for Android and Apple users to know the flight status. 

To see the details of these methods and know more ways to check the status of JetBlue flights, please read ahead.

Method 1:

Visiting Official Website of JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airlines flight status checking using its official website is one of the most dependable ways to obtain accurate information. On its website,, you can use the Travel Info tab. In this tab, please fill in the required information. The information entered should be correct to get the flight status details.

  • Go to the JetBlue Airways official website from your preferred web browser.
  • Next, scroll to the “Travel Info” tab.
  • Then select “Flight Tracker” from the bottom.
  • Now, decide whether you want to search for flights by “City” or by “Flight Number”.
  • By cities: 
    • Enter details under “From” and “To”. 
    • Select the date. 
    • After this, press “Check Status”.
  • By flight number: 
    • Enter the “Flight Number”. 
    • Pick the date. 
    • Push the button for “Check Status”.

The status of flights between the cities mentioned by you on that particular day will appear.

Method 2:

Using JetBlue Airlines Flight Status Phone Number

For finding out the current status of your flight, you can contact the JetBlue Customer Care team through its 24-hour available number 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583). After you dial this JetBlue Airlines flight status phone number, you will be asked to choose your desired location. You may be asked for other details too. After providing them, the status of your flight will be shared on the call.

Method 3:

Opting for JetBlue Airlines Flight Tracker Tool

Travelers may utilize JetBlue Airways’ Flight Tracker tool to view their flight status. For running this tool, you can simply run your browser. Then you can search for this tool. Pick a suitable site for running the tool. Provide the details relating to your reservation. The Flight Tracker tool will fetch the necessary details of its status.

  • Open your web browser.
  • Look for “JetBlue Airlines Flight Tracker Tool”.
  • Pick a site for using this tool.
  • On the site, mention “JetBlue Airways Flight Number”.
  • Also, mention the date of the flight and other information.

Note: Just to give you an example, you may want to check JetBlue Airlines Flight 1512 status on May 27th. You can mention all the relevant details of the flight.

  • Click on the “Track” button.
  • Wait for the results to get produced.
  • Now, view the status of your flight.

Method 4:

Run JetBlue Mobile Application on Apple and Android

JetBlue has its own mobile app that allows you to know the status of your flight. This application enables you to check airline flight status of JetBlue on both Apple and Android devices. You need to download and install the app. Then by logging in, the flight tracker will get activated. The tracker tool will assist you to know the status of the JetBlue flight.

  • Open your “Apple” or “Android” device.
  • Either visit “App Store” or run “Google Play Store”.
  • Find the mobile app for “JetBlue”.
  • Download this app as well as install it.
  • Fill in the details of your JetBlue account to sign in to the app.
  • Find and click on “Check Airline Flight Status JetBlue”.
  • Enter your “Flight Number”.
  • Press “Track”.

You will get the results of your search. Go through them to see whether your flight is on-time or has been delayed.

What Happens When JetBlue Airlines Flight Status Shows Delayed/Canceled?

It is possible that once the flyers of JetBlue Airlines check flight status, they may know that the schedule shows a delay or cancelation. In this case, the following may be possible:

• JetBlue may allow rebooks to customers on the next available flight at no additional cost. 

• When there are no alternative flights between one hour of the originally scheduled departure, JetBlue may pay the guests in cash. This may be based on the number of hours of disruption. For example, a four-hour delay may equal to a $50 credit for the customer. 

• The airline may allow travelers to reschedule their tickets at no additional cost by contacting JetBlue airlines flight status phone number, 1-800-JetBlue (538-2583).

• If you do not desire to fly on a later flight, the airline may reimburse you the full cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to JetBlue Airlines Flight Status

Yes, JetBlue has an email automation Flight Status Notification Tool (FSN-T). This tool helps to deliver real-time email messages to customers affected by specific flight occurrences.

FSN-T email alerts are entirely automated and are delivered to the main customer on the booking through their email address.

JetBlue Airways’ sends flight status alerts. These alerts keep you up to date on your flight’s arrival and departures time. In addition, any delays, cancellations, route modifications, as well as gate changes that may have taken place, will also be informed.

There are several methods for determining the flight’s status of JetBlue. The most dependable method for JetBlue Airlines flight status checking is by heading to its site. It has a tracker tool to know the details of both cancelation and delay.

Starting 24 hours prior to departure and until 45 minutes in advance, you may check the flight status with JetBlue. You can do this via its site, app, calling number, or even by reaching the airport.

JetBlue sends notifications via email and SMS to customers in case of flight cancelation or delay. But to know the reason for the cancelation or delay, your best option is to contact the airline. Its staff will let you know the exact reason.

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