JetBlue Airways Flight 516

JetBlue Airways Flight 516

JetBlue Airways Flight 516 originates from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  From LAX Airport, it lands at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). The location of the airport is identified to be in Austin, United States. Domestic flight 516, also abbreviated as B6516, is a direct flight. Since JetBlue’s ICAO code is JBU, flight 516 is sometimes called JBU516 as well.

B6516: Approximate Time Delay

On average, JBU516 is delayed by 25 to 30 minutes. In consideration of the COVID-19 situation, security procedures, waiting time to board, cargo loading, routine aircraft sanitization, and clean-up can create delays. It is also critical to stay up to date on the airline’s COVID-19 processes to minimize delays on your part. For this, all inquiries can be directed to JetBlue Airways’ company offices in Los Angeles as well as to its Austin office.

JBU516 Altitude and Flying Speed

On its journey, JetBlue Airways Flight 516 typically flies at an altitude of around 10,560 meters. The airplane travels at speeds ranging from 555 to 560 miles per hour. Both of these, however, can vary in extreme circumstances such as cloud cover and heavy rain.

JetBlue Airways 516 Flight Duration

Flight 516 JetBlue takes around 2 hours and 50 minutes to finish its route. The duration of this trip can be affected by a variety of circumstances. A considerable variance in flight length can be caused by connecting flights in some cases.

Aircraft of JetBlue Airways Flight 516

Airlines such as JetBlue commonly deploy A320 Family Aircraft, however, A321s are appointed for trips headed by 516. JetBlue currently operates A321 variants. These include Airbus A321 Non-Mint, Airbus A321 Neo, as well as Airbus A321 (32S) Mint. In addition, the airline may employ both A318 and A319 for this flight.

Distance Covered by B6516

Flight 516 of JetBlue travels 1242 miles/1998 kilometers connecting Los Angeles and Austin (Los Angeles International Airport to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport). The distance covered by JetBlue Airways Flight 516 is also known as 1078.8 nautical miles.


  1. If you’re traveling from Los Angeles towards Austin, then JetBlue Airways Flight 516 is a great option. The flight is never late. The airlines genuinely care about the time of the passengers. It just takes about an hour, as you said. In addition, when I’m looking for the cheapest flight, B6516 is a wonderful option for me.
  1. When it comes to customer service, JetBlue takes good care. It always sends detailed emails with a list of everything that has to be noted. JetBlue Airways Flight 516 was the flight I booked. In the email sent to me, I had all the information associated with my flight.
  1. I do not make the trip from Los Angeles to Austin very often now. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, however, I was a regular traveler on JetBlue Airways Flight 516. I never had any delays while traveling with it. My personal experience has been excellent.

I boarded JetBlue Airways Flight 516 with my grandfather who is battling cancer. I was first afraid to travel because of the virus outbreak. Fortunately, JetBlue adhered to strict guidelines. Aside from that, I saw that JetBlue made certain that the plane used on flight 516 was thoroughly sanitized. Appropriate social spacing was maintained whilst boarding the plane. My flight was uneventful too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to JetBlue Airways Flight 516

The flights of JetBlue are safe. Its flights like 516 have a nice crew. It takes care of your personal safety and the safety of your luggage. During the pandemic, it ensures that your health also remains fine on the flight.

JetBlue flights can be found using airline tracking software. You may also confirm the time for its 516 Flight on the online platform. 

Yes, JetBlue Flight 516 departs from Los Angeles at 8:00 a.m. and arrives in Austin at 12:55 p.m. On some days, the timing may change by 5 to 10 minutes. In rare circumstances, the plane may be 20-30 minutes early or late.

Yes, JetBlue Airways Flight 516 can be booked on successive days. It leaves and reaches at the very same time every day.

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